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In recent years the development of health science to improve people’s lives and reduce the death rate from cardiovascular disease, researchers have invested in the solution of stents to treat cardiovascular disease. Usually a permanent implant (metal stent) is used to treat a temporary disease, effective on elastic recoil and negative remodeling, but promoting intimate proliferation. This is combated by an active stent, which nevertheless induces chronic inflammation and delayed healing (because of active drugs), with the risk of late thrombosis. The idea of resolution leads to the study of the behavior of temporary stent biodegradable and bioresorbable, once the healing process is completed. The purpose of this study is to reduce the disadvantages of metal stents, to do this; a biodegradable material (polylactic acid) is used. The fatigue behavior of a stent after its placement using geometric parameters selected from clinical cases (diastole and systole). A finite element numerical study in the field of biomaterial fatigue is proposed in order to investigate and understand the biodegradable behavior of the stent. The results of the numerical study show the predicted lifetime of the biodegradable fragrance.
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The integration of a fault tolerance mechanism in critical real-time embedded systems is an important and required property to ensure the continuity of delivering the expected service even in the presence of faults to avoid catastrophic consequences that can be generated in the event of failure of these systems. In this research paper we present a solution to tolerate permanent faults of one processor in heterogeneous distributed real-time embedded systems by using software redundancy solutions based on active and passive replication of dependent tasks in the point-to-point connection. The methodology proposed consists to generate a distribution/scheduling of tasks on hardware architecture and also to tolerate permanent faults of a single processor by executing simultaneously two replicas of a task, the first which ends its execution blocks the second is running. this principle saves very considerable time in distribution/scheduling length with and without errors.
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Contrairement à l’abstention-surveillance, la surveillance active est une modalité de prise en charge curative. Elle vise à retarder le traitement d’une tumeur peu agressive jusqu’au moment où elle le deviendra tout en restant dans la fenêtre de curabilité de la maladie. À travers une lecture de littératures, nous allons essayer de maitre la lumière sur la place et les modalités de la surveillance active, dans les groupes favorables des cancers de la prostate et de répondre aux questions suivantes : Pourquoi la surveillance active ? Pour qui ? Comment l’instauré ? et quand doit-on l’arrêter ? La majorité des essais, cliniques publiés s’accordent à dire, que la surveillance active est une attitude parfaitement adaptée aux patients du groupe favorable d’AMICO, voire même une partie du groupe intermédiaire bas risque. Les résultats en matière de survie globale et d’évènement métastatiques, sont similaires à ceux des patients traités d’emblée par chirurgie et ou radiothérapie, avec en plus moins de toxicité. La surveillance est basée essentiellement sur le dosage périodique du PSA, rebiopsie selon des protocoles propres à chaque équipe. La décision du passage aux traitements invasifs, sera conditionnée par la progression du score Gleason, selon des algorithmes dont certains, sont déjà validés à l’international. La surveillance active, doit faire partie intégrante des décisions de prise en charge des adénocarcinomes prostatiques localisés favorables. Cette attitude nous permet, d’éviter de surtraiter un grand nombre, de petites lésions non évolutives, tout en ayant la possibilité et les moyens, de rattraper les lésions qui progressent.
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Image classification has been one of the most widely topic in artificial intelligence, deep models need larger datasets and powerful hardware to improve the highperformance classification. ImageNet Challenge was started in 2010 to classify 100,000 test images into 1000 different classes. Tiny ImageNet challenge is similar to ImageNet challenge, where images are taken from the standard ImageNet and resized to be 64x64. In this paper a fine-tuned Xception to classify images into the 200 classes is presented using the standard Tiny ImageNet dataset, the down-sampling (64x64) of images and the low similarity inter-class makes feature extraction and classification difficult and more challenging. We used a transfer learning algorithm to fine-tune the Xception architecture using the Extreme version of the Inception module to achieve a high validation accuracy of 65.14%.
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As renewable energy elucidation, the solar refrigeration of fruits such as date palm is a storage alternate to preserve food in healthy parameters of conditioning. This statistical and numeric study investigates the energy gain cost case around the diverse dimensions’ models of positive cold stores (02, 04, and 06 cold rooms), concerning energetic disparity and numerous financial fluctuations of the applied systems. The results of computation and analysis regarding panels of construction, equipment, consumption, and maintenance for classic, absorption, and adsorption refrigeration systems that conserve dates palm into these three cold stores. In the end, the comparison of technical and economic elements in tables and figures by enumerating their advantages and inconveniences. Classic Bitzer, Absorption WFC SC 5, and Adsorption AG ACS 15 and 08 are models in which their evaluation is relating to their costs. In Biskra, these results mean that adsorption chiller termed AG ACS (15 plus 08) is illustrious by its parameters of simplicity, lifespan, safety, and security, valued to 1147.5 €/m² and median cost up ten years of using is 92972 €