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This paper presents a teaching-learning-based optimization algorithm for discrete large-scale multi-objective problems (DLM-TLBO). Unlike the previous variants, the learning strategy used by each individual and the acquired knowledge are defined based on its level. The proposed approach is used to solve a bi-objective object clustering task (B-OCT) in a swarm robotic system, as a case study. The simple robots have as mission the gathering of a number of objects distributed randomly, while respecting two objectives: maximizing the clustering quality, and minimizing the energy consumed by these robots. The simulation results of the proposed algorithm are compared to those obtained by the well-known algorithm NSGA-II. The results show the superiority of the proposed DLM-TLBO in terms of the quality of the obtained Pareto front approximation and convergence speed.
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In this paper, we propose an implementation of a new technique of power maximization using a photovoltaic system emulator. The PV system design and its performance evaluation test before installation would be both costly and time-consuming. To overcome this problem the use of an emulator adds more performance and efficiency in the laboratory. Also, by measuring the voltage and current from the PV emulator the characteristic I-V and P-V are extract.The need to consider the measure power state is strongly nonlinear distribution curve with noise. For that reason, to establish and to detect the power value, measurement equations and dynamic equations proposed MPPT control strategy based on Kalman filter algorithm. The correctness and effectiveness of the strategy is verified by simulation and experiment. This algorithm was experimentally implemented. Data acquisition and control system were implemented using dSPACE1103. The results show that the Kalman filter MPPT work accurately and successfully under the change of solar irradiation.
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Cet article est consacré à l’étude des performances de la génératrice asynchrone à cage double étoile (GASDE) en site isolé. Le système de commande est composé d’une GASDE raccordé à un bus continu et une charge en sortie de deux redresseurs à commande MLI. Une étude comparative entre la technique de commande conventionnelle et la commande adaptée basée sur l’introduction de la SVM-PI-flou et un nouvel estimateur de flux (flux virtuel statorique) afin d’améliorer la qualité d’énergie et d’atténuer les harmoniques du courant.
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Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA) is a group of chronic heterogenous disorders that manifests as joint inflammation in patients aged <16 years. Globally, approximately 3 million children and young adults are suffering from JIA with prevalence rates consistently higher in girls. The region of Africa and Middle East constitute a diverse group of ethnicities, socioeconomic conditions, and climates which influence the prevalence of JIA. There are only a few studies published on epidemiology of JIA in the region. There is an evident paucity of adequate and latest data from the region. This review summarizes the available data on the prevalence of JIA and its subtypes in Africa and Middle East and discusses unmet needs for patients in this region. A total of 8 journal publications were identified concerning epidemiology and 42 articles describing JIA subtypes from Africa and Middle East were included. The prevalence of JIA in Africa and Middle East was observed to be towards the lower range of the global estimate. We observed that the most prevalent subtype in the region was oligoarticular arthritis. The incidence of uveitis and anti-nuclear antibody (ANA) positivity were found to be lower as compared to the incidence from other regions. There is a huge unmet medical need in the region for reliable epidemiological data, disease awareness, having regional and local treatment guidelines and timely diagnosis. Paucity of the pediatric rheumatologists and economic disparities also contribute to the challenges regarding the management of JIA.
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