Publications by Year: 2018

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Demagh Y, Bordja L. A 1d thermal model for ptr including pressure drop and kinetic energy change within the fluid: conventional absorber tube vs. s-curved. SolarPACES 2018 [Internet]. 2018. Publisher's VersionAbstract

New receiver designs have been proposed to boost the heat transfer rate in the parabolic trough receiver (PTR) absorber tube, which can further improve the overall performances of the parabolic trough module. The objective of this study is to investigate the thermal performance and heat losses of the newly designed PTR wavy tube by means of a 1-D thermal model taking into account the change of the kinetic energy and pressure drop, and establishing a comparison with the conventional straight and smooth PTR absorber tube. According to the final results, the use of the S-curved absorber leads to higher thermal performance and simultaneously to lower heat losses. According to the thermal efficiency results, it is found an increase of 0.16% in the case of 450 K of the heat transfer fluid (HTF) inlet temperature and a straight length of 7.8 m of the receiver, while the heat losses decrease by a maximum of 7.72%.

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Boubiche D-E, Pathan A-SK, Lloret J, Zhou H, Hong S, Amin SO, Feki MA. Advanced Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks and Intelligent IoT. IEEE Communications MagazineIEEE Communications Magazine. 2018;56 :14 - 15.Abstract
Examines the market for wireless sensor networks in the era and expansion of the Internet of Things. Over the past decade, the fast expansion of the Internet of Things (IoT) paradigm and wireless communication technologies has raised many scientific and engineering challenges that call for ingenious research efforts from both academia and industry. The IoT paradigm now covers several technologies beyond RFID and wireless sensor networks (WSNs). In fact, the number of potential application fields has already exceeded expectations. According to Cisco IBSG, more than 50 billion devices are expected to be connected to the Internet by 2020, with around 20 percent from the industry sector. Therefore, integrating the IoT concept and industrial WSNs (IWSNs) is an attractive choice for industrial processes, which may optimize operational efficiency, automation, maintenance, and rationalization. Moreover, IoT ensures large-scale interconnection between machines, computers, and people, enabling intelligent industrial operations. This emergent technological evolution has led to what has become the Industrial IoT (IIoT). IIoT will bring promising opportunities, along with new challenges.
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Guenifi N, Radane M, Rahmani I. An algorithm For Boron diffusion in MOS transistor Using SILVACO ATHENA and Matlab, ISSN / e-ISSN 1042-6507 / 1563-5325. Phosphorus, Sulfur, and Silicon and the Related ElementsPhosphorus, Sulfur, and Silicon and the Related Elements. 2018;Volume 193 :pp.98-103.Abstract
In this paper we have developed an algorithm of boron diffusion after thermal annealing in a highly doped polysilicon film. This algorithm takes into account electrically active point defects by associating some parameters such as boron solubility limit and diffusion coefficient. We have studied effect of annealing temperature in order to perform impact of this parameter on maximum depth diffusion of junction and maximum of concentration by analysis of Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (SIMS) profiles. In fact we have proposed numerical model based on Fick’s equation, resolved by finite difference method under Matlab also we have simulated this phenomenon by Silvaco software.
SIABDALLAH N, FAHLOUL DJ, LAHBARI M. Amélioration d’un séchoir solaire indirect à convection forcée. 6ème Séminaire Maghrébin sur les Sciences et les Technologies de Séchage (SMSTS’2018). 2018.
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In this paper, the resonant frequencies, quality factors and bandwidths of high Tc superconducting circular microstrip patches in the presence of a dielectric superstrate loading have been studied using Galerkin testing procedure in the Hankel transform domain. The exact Green’s function of the grounded dielectric slab is used to derive an electric field integral equation for the unknown current distribution on the circular disc. Thus, surface waves, as well as space wave radiation, are included in the formulation. London’s equations and the two-fluid model of Gorter and Casimir are used in the calculation of the complex surface impedance of the superconducting circular disc. Galerkin testing is used in the resolution of the electric field integral equation. Two solutions using two different basis sets to expand the unknown disk currents are developed. The first set of basis functions used is the complete set of transverse magnetic and transverse electric modes of a cylindrical cavity with magnetic side walls. The second set of basis functions used employ Chebyshev polynomials and enforce the current edge condition. The computed values for a wide range of variations of superstrate thickness and dielectric constant are compared with different theoretical and experimental values available in the open literature, showing close agreement. Results are showing that the superstrate parameters should always be kept into account in the design stage of the superconducting microstrip resonators.